• My Beef with the Word BUSY

    Posted on 08/27/2017

    “Kymmie, I didn’t ask because I figured you were busy.” “Kymmie, you’re really busy so you probably don’t have time.” “Kymmie, if you’re not too busy can you…” I hate the word busy. Aside from the word moist, busy is probably my least favorite word in the English language. Anytime someone uses the B word I cringe. By definition, busy means having a great deal to do. As an adult,

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  • 7 Things My Future Husband Should Know

    Posted on 07/17/2017

    I often get asked what I look for in a relationship. Truth is, most people don’t really know what they want. Being that I’m perpetually single, I DON’T KNOW how to respond to that question. Although I’m not sure, I do know that I’m at the point where I’m not dating just to date. I’m dating to find someone that I could see myself being married to for the next 50

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  • Stay Woke Even When Others Sleep on Your Dreams

    Posted on 07/04/2017

    I recently wrote a post called 7 People I Don’t Have Time For. After posting it, I thought of an 8th person: THE NIGHTMARE — My first year of college, I became friends with a group of girls in my “Welcome to College Class”. I was so happy that I made friends that I overlooked some things that I shouldn’t have. One friend in particular, the one I considered to

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  • 7 People I Don’t Have Time For

    Posted on 06/17/2017

    7 People I Don’t Have Time For  Seven on the Seventeenth Inconsistent people If you like me, GREAT.  If you don’t, that’s cool too. Just be consistent. I don’t really concern myself with wondering how someone feels about me. If how they feel about me isn’t obvious, then I don’t need to associate with them. People Who Don’t Like Me There are 7 billion people on this earth. If a

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  • 7 Things I’ve Learned At 23- Seven on the Seventeenth

    Posted on 05/17/2017

    With my 24th birthday around the corner, I decided to reflect on the past 12 months. It’s my hair and I don’t care Prior to this year, the most I had done with my hair was cut it and color it. This year I decided to switch it up and try some new hair styles. I got my first weave, my first wig, and I cut off all of my

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