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Posted On 12/06/2017
how do you define success

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How do you define success? Do you feel that you are successful based on your definition?


I think everyone has their own definition of success because we all view it differently based off of how where were raised. Maybe success is getting out of the projects. Success can be owning a house. Traveling overseas. Running multiple businesses. Having a certain amount of money. For me success is spiritual wellness, loving myself, being able to give my daughter whatever she wants, and living my passion.

Kayla, 21  of 


Success is growth. I feel as though I am building on my definition of success every day. I try to have defined short-term and long-term goals. All of these goals have a feeling of success built into them, no matter how big or how small. As long as I consistently take more steps forward than I take back, I’m successful.

Nia, 22 of


To me, success is being able to live comfortably without thinking about whether you can afford your lifestyle all the time. In that sense, I’m not there yet. But being successful is very different from being happy, and I’m happy, so the success can wait!

Helene of


Success, in my eyes, isn’t a thing that is attained or a destination but rather a journey.  It is walking through life, allowing God to lead you, learning from your mistakes, choosing to be obedient to God when it isn’t convenient, loving when it’s hard to love, giving when it’s hard to give, and ultimately contributing to this world in a God-honoring way. On the path I am on, I feel that I am on the path to success! I know I am flaw-filled, but I know ultimately that as long as God is my number one I am on the right track.
Courtney,  20 of


I used to think I knew what success meant. Success was that great paying job (that you love) with benefits and your own house and car and dog and 2.5 kids and enough extra income to send money to your favorite charity. Now, I don’t think there’s a real definition. Success is different for every person. And per my generic definition, I’m not successful. I make $15.00/hr and my job has benefits, but I hate it. I live in a moldy government housing unit with a raggedy car and a pet fish, and my student loans will follow me for the next 10 years, so there goes the charity thing.

Regina, 24


Success to me is defined by attaining personal goals. In order to to be successful, you need to plan and layout where you want to go and what you want to achieve. Once you reach the goals you’ve placed for yourself, you reach a level of success. Based on the goals that I have set for myself this far, I am very successful. But not complacent. Therefore, I’ve created a new set of goals to elevate me to another level of success.

DeeJay, 27 of


Success to me means freedom and autonomy. I learned this when I moved to Spain and traveled solo around Europe for a year. I was completely responsible for myself. I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. It was the most liberating feeling in the world!

Before moving to Spain, I went to college and worked a couple of 9 to 5 jobs. Like many adventurous spirits, I felt trapped. I just knew that life wasn’t for me. The main problem was that I come from an immigrant family with high expectations. My parents originally wanted me to be a doctor. That didn’t work out so the next option was law. I didn’t want that either.

After working in different industries – from nonprofits to tech startups – I decided to follow my passions and become a travel writer. I’m still in the initial phase of launching this career, but I’m learning a lot. I got my first paycheck a couple of weeks ago so I know I can make this a career. I’m so proud that I’m finally giving myself the freedom and autonomy I desire.

Somto, 25 of


To me success is self-defined; it’s personal contentment and satisfaction. I would define it as an accomplishment of your personal desires and ultimate goals. It’s individualized and to me, not defined by other people’s views on success. You have to make your own opinion of it and strive to reach just that. My version involves me working a well-paying job in my career field, doing what I love to do when I want to do it. With that being said, I am nowhere near successful right now. It takes time and hard work though & I’m aware of that. Because I’m not where I want to be right now, its all the more motivation to put the work in when the opportunity presents itself.

Matiah, 25


I would define success as accomplishing the goals that you have set for yourself. I would also say that you could be successful if you feel that you have done everything in your power to accomplish your goals, even if you sometimes don’t accomplish them fully.

I believe that I have been successful mostly because one of the biggest goals that I set for myself was graduating from college and becoming a first-generation college graduate; I achieved this goal in 2014.

Kyia, 25 of


How do you define success? Let me know in the comments.

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