Meet Kymmie

Meet Kymmie

Meet Kymmie- Teacher by day, Blogger By Night, Millennial 24/7

I always find it hard to describe myself because I’m a plethora of contradictions. There is no single word to define me, so I created my own. I am simply Kymtastic.


  • I’m a twenty-something, but I have an old soul.
  • I’m an introvert, but I have the mindset of an extrovert.
  • I love Hello Kitty, but I hate cats.
  • I’m an artist, but I can’t draw.
  • I’m patient, but I hate waiting.
  • I LOVE WWE, but I’m not a fan of violence.
  • I think traveling is great, but I’m a homebody.
  • I’m tall, but I’m afraid of heights.
  • I hate writing, but I decided to start a blog.
  • That’s what makes me Simply Kymtastic.


My blogging career started during my time with City Year. I wrote two posts for the National City Year blog. My first post was a reflection of the aftermath of the flood that hit Columbia, SC in October of 2015. My second post was about how the students I met during my time with City Year encouraged me to become a teacher. I started after quitting my job as an elementary school teacher. I have since returned to the classroom as a reading interventionist at a high school.

Since starting, I’ve been featured on That New Girl blog sharing my ideas on the importance of literacy at an early age. I’ve joined the  See Jane Write Network and the Black Bloggers United community.

My hope is to motivate, inspire, and encourage others through my stories. My goal is to be as transparent as possible.


I write,  I speak, I inspire. Interested in working with me? Click this link for more info.


Much love always,


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