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    5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Slay Your Goals Planner for 2018

    Posted On 11/22/2017
    5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Slay Your Goals Planner for 2018
    Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a commission if you click the link and purchase the product that I have recommended.
    “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
    I have an ambitious spirit. There are so many goals I want to accomplish, however, sometimes I  get overwhelmed and I end up running in circles. My problem?  I don’t know where to start. I recently found the Slay Your Goals Planner from Nadalie at itsallyouboo.com and I fell in love. It’s perfect for me because it helps me transform my vision into an action plan. Read why I believe you should invest in the Slay Your Goals Planner for 2018.


    You can NEVER have too many goals.
    YOLO (do people still say that?), so why limit yourself?  You won’t be able to do everything all at once, I strongly advise against that; however, you shouldn’t have to pick and choose what you want to accomplish. This planner has a space to jot down your goals, no matter how large or trivial they may seem. You’ll always have a place to reference your long-term goals and a space to add new goals. This planner has a holistic approach as it allows for you to create goals in multiple areas of your life ranging from education, to financial, to spirituality.


    Slay Your Goals R.I.G.H.T!
    In this case, R.I.G.H.T stands for Resolve, Intuitive, Genuine, Hopeful, and Transformative. The Slay Your Goals Planner has an activity to guide you to the HEART of your goal. If your goal is a goal simply because “someone else did it” then it’s probably not worth pursuing.  Understanding the WHY of your goal is important so you won’t get discouraged and lose hope when your plan doesn’t go as planned. You’ll always have a sense of purpose when the going gets tough. 


    You Know Where You’re Going. You Know Why You’re Going.  Now Create Your  Map To Get There
    One thing I admire about Dora the Explorer is that she always had a map. It was clear, direct, and it even sang to her. The directions to your goals should be clear, direct, and yes they SHOULD sing to you. This planner offers a few “maps” to help you slay those mini goals along the way.  


    One Size Doesn’t Fit All.
    When selecting a planner, you have to pick what works best for you. What I love most about The Slay Your Goals Planner it has a number of calendar options to choose from. You may choose the year at a glance, quarterly,  monthly, weekly, daily and blank templates to use as you see fit. 


    Celebrate! Reflect! Grow!
    We get so caught up in all that’s left to do that we don’t take time to celebrate what we’ve accomplished. You have to take time analyze what went well and what could be improved upon. This planner is perfect because it walks you through how to celebrate and reflect efficiently and effectively. Consistent reflection is key to slaying your goals.
    There are so many more features of the Slay your Goals planner, but these are my personal highlights. Don’t just take my word for it, buy it for yourself and make the most of 2018.
     Click this link to get your Slay Your Goals Planner today.   


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    My Beef with the Word BUSY

    Posted On 08/27/2017
    “Kymmie, I didn’t ask because I figured you were busy.”
    “Kymmie, you’re really busy so you probably don’t have time.”
    “Kymmie, if you’re not too busy can you…”

    I hate the word busy. Aside from the word moist, busy is probably my least favorite word in the English language. Anytime someone uses the B word I cringe.

    By definition, busy means having a great deal to do. As an adult, there is ALWAYS something to do. Most of the time, my to-do list is non-negotiable (ie. going to work, grocery shopping, getting my car serviced). Other times, my to-do list consists of things that I like to do for fun (ie. blogging, binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy, scrolling through my Instagram feed). Although I’m always on the go, I don’t like to think of myself as being busy. I think of it as having priorities.

    As a teacher, we use the word “busy work” to indicate the worksheet packet we might give our students to keep them from bothering us. It usually has little to no instructional value. It is apparent that people think that the appearance of always having something to do or being “busy” makes them successful. I don’t find success in having a to-do list. In order for me to obtain my idea of success, I have to take advantage of meaningful opportunities to further my growth. As a result, I have to sacrifice spending time with people who are important me in order to accomplish my goals.  

    Over the past few years, I’ve lost plenty of “friendships” and “situationships” because I was deemed as unavailable, distant, or selfish. If I wasn’t dedicating every single moment of my life to those people in particular, then that meant I didn’t care about them.  Instead of expressing their concerns to me, those individuals made the decision to end the relationship for me. Even if I communicated my other priorities to them, it still didn’t matter.  What I’ve learned is that if someone doesn’t value my other priorities, then they don’t deserve to be a priority in the first place. I don’t expect people to plan their lives around me, so I don’t set that same expectation for others.

    My relationship with God is a priority. Blogging is a priority. Advancing in my career is a priority. Spending time with my family is a priority.  My personal development is a priority. Staying sane is a priority. Getting enough sleep is a priority. Maintaining healthy relationships is a priority. Making everyone else happy IS NOT a priority.  All of my priorities are important to me. The order of my priorities can change from month to month, week to week, or even day to day. I’ll admit, I don’t always order my priorities correctly, but I do my very best to give as much energy as I can to all of my priorities. As I develop, the way my priorities look have to develop also. I can do anything, but I can not do everything (at least not all at the same time). 

    I’m not busy, I’m employed. I’m not busy, I have a family. I’m not busy, I have a blog. I’m not busy, I’m at church. I’m not busy, I have friends. I’m not busy, I’m tired. I’m not busy, maybe I just want some time to myself. I’m not busy, I’m an adult.

    I’m not busy, but I do have priorities.


    PS: If we’re all busy, is anyone really busy?

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    Stay Woke, Even When Others Sleep on Your Dreams

    Posted On 07/04/2017

    I recently wrote a post called 7 People I Don’t Have Time For.

    After posting it, I thought of an 8th person:


    My first year of college, I became friends with a group of girls in my “Welcome to College Class”. I was so happy that I made friends that I overlooked some things that I shouldn’t have. One friend, in particular, the one I considered to be my “best friend” at the time, always had something negative to say. I’m the type of person that likes to joke around with my friends, but there is a fine line. This girl? She crossed the line daily, but I was so happy to have a “friend” it didn’t matter.

    The second semester of my first year, I applied to be the night and weekend program coordinator for my school. I received an email with the job offer during one of my classes. As soon as my class was over, she was the first person I saw. I told her the news. There wasn’t a “congratulations” or “cool” or “take me out to dinner when you get paid”. I don’t exactly remember what she said, but it was something negative. Anytime I would get excited about something, she would tell me to “calm down” or that it “wasn’t that serious”.

    Fall semester of my sophomore year, I cut ties with her after she lied on me and threw me under the bus. I tried to talk to her about the situation, but she kept believing what she wanted to believe so I let it go. I deleted and blocked her number and I didn’t speak to her from that point forward.

    I’m the type of person who needs to talk through my ideas with people. I don’t do it so much for confirmation, I just need some people to help me navigate through my thoughts. I’ve noticed that most of my ideas never came to life because I TALKED way too much about them with the wrong people. Of course weighing the pros and cons of a situation is important. But those cons turned into doubt and I just left the ideas alone. I let the fears of others obstruct my vision.

    I don’t blame others, for my lack of follow through though. I blame myself. It’s easy to keep people around that don’t have a growth mindset. It’s even easier to subscribe to the doubt of others. I’ve allowed people to taint my mental mug that is filled with possibility and wonder. I believe that anything is possible if I pray and put in the work. I’m working now to build a network of people that I know will help me take this fire I’ve started to the next level of LIT.


    Some people are just plain nightmares. They are only there to invoke fear. We need people to keep it real with us, but your support system should also be problem solvers. Simply listen to what others say when you tell them your dreams or good news. Do they breathe life into your vision? Or are they always bringing a dark cloud and no umbrella? Evaluate your “support system”. You don’t have to completely cut people off, just be intentional about WHO you share WHAT with.

    The good thing about a nightmare? You can ALWAYS wake up!


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    How Making a Vision Board Changed My Perspective

    Posted On 04/16/2017

    How Making Vision Board Changed My Perspective

    I don’t care if you’re 8 or 88, a vision board is a great thing to have.

    Vision Board

    I went to a vision board party at the library back in January and it was a great experience. I was fresh into the unemployment world and I needed something to take my mind off of the reality of my situation. I needed something to help me keep my dreams in the forefront. At that moment, I didn’t know what was next, so ANYTHING was possible.

    Prior to starting on our boards, I sat through a short presentation and discussion about mission statements to set the tone for the activity. I searched through magazines and cut out whatever pictures and words spoke to me. Two hours later, all I had was the backdrop of my board. I took my magazine and scrapbook pieces home with me. I added some of my own scrapbook stuff and I took some things off of another project I did when I was in college. I finally finished my board two weeks later after I finally got it looking the way I wanted it to.

    I keep my vision board by my door and I look at it every morning before I leave home. I make decisions that reflect what is on my vision board. By seeing my goals right in front of me, I stay focused and motivated. I’m no longer overwhelmed by my goals. I’m in the process of making smaller and more specific (financial, travel, career, blog) vision boards to help me be more focused in those areas.

    For me, a vision board is a way to purge everything that is floating around in my head. I have so many dreams and aspirations and I often doubt that I can make all of them come to life. I come up with some pretty “interesting” ideas. Sometimes I am afraid to share my ideas with people because they don’t seem realistic. I’ve ALWAYS felt like my dreams and aspirations were unattainable. However, with a vision board, nothing is off limits. Nothing is too big or too small. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. I believe that 2017 is my year to do what I want to do. My vision board gave me the inspiration to follow my heart. I went from overwhelmed to empowered. Not only did I make a vision board, but I’m actively working to make my vision, a reality.

    I also finished my personal mission statement after I finished my vision board. It reads:

    “My mission is to inspire others to be themselves. I plan to use my talents and skills to motivate others to follow their dreams. I want to encourage others to live without fear and to love the their journey.”

    There is no right or wrong way to make a vision board. You don’t have to be creative or an artist. If you can cut and glue, you can make a vision board. If you aren’t sure where to start, CLICK HERE!


    Do you have a vision board? If so, what inspired you to create one? If you don’t have one, would you consider making one? Comment below.


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    7 Steps to Creating YOUR Vision Board- Seven on the Seventeenth

    Posted On 04/16/2017

    *Things to remember before you get started*

    Vision boards take time, don’t expect to get it all done in one sitting.

    Having a vision board party might help you get started if you need some inspiration and motivation.

    There is no right or wrong way to make a vision board. Digital vision boards are also a thing!

    1. Decide the focus of your vision board 

    Career? Health Goals? Wedding? Dream House? Personal Life? All of the Above? Maybe you have a business or you are thinking about starting one.  Having a clear focus would be a good idea. The good thing is that you can have one vision board, or many. It’s totally up to you.

    2. Take time to ask yourself what you want out of life

    For my personal vision board, I thought about what I would kind of life I want to have. There is no right or wrong answer, you just need to get into a reflective head space. A good question to ask is “what would I do if there was nothing (money, education, etc.) standing in my way. Think of your values, what’s most important to you. Happiness what I decided to focus on, so I put things on there that would contribute to me living happily ever after.

    3. Decide how large or small you want your vision board to be 

    Do you want it to be on a poster or tri-fold? A few of my vision boards that I’m working on are made from a frozen pizza box that I cut apart. You could also use a cork board and thumbtacks so you can update it easily. Or maybe you don’t want a vision board, maybe you want a VISION WALL. Your options are endless.

    4. Find materials

    Magazines and newspapers are great! You’ll need some scissors to cut things out. Go to a craft store and check their clearance section for stickers and other decorative items. Also the $1 section at Target has some really cute stuff. If you can draw or have really pretty handwriting this would be the perfect excuse to buy some new pens or markers. Look around your house to see what you have, you never know what may inspire you. I already had a lot of scrapbook paper and crafty stuff at my house. I just purchased some new scrapbook paper. You can also print out a few things you find on the internet as well. You’ll also need craft glue or a hot glue gun. I used craft glue along with glue sticks to touch up the edges. Tape works too.

    5. Sort through your supplies

    When I made my vision board, I went through several magazines. I cut out anything that spoke to me. This part was the most time consuming. I looked at each page and analyzed the words and the pictures. Some of the scrapbook paper had words and phrase that spoke to me as well so I cut those out too. I put everything to the side and once I felt like I had enough stuff I started to assemble my board. I placed everything on my board before I glued it down. I changed it around a few times. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pictures and words.

    6. Put your board somewhere you can see it

    Maybe you want it in your bedroom or to keep it in your office. I keep my vision board in my living room. Sometimes when I get discouraged, I look at my vision board and it reminds me of my purpose and what I’m working towards. I put skills that I have that I want to continue to develop.

    7. Make a plan 

    After you make your vision, make a plan of how you want to bring your vision to reality. Just take one thing from your board and see what you can do to fulfill that vision.

    I know from experience that we can NEVER fully prepare for what will come our way. We have no way of knowing what life will bring us. Our vision may change, however, a vision board will always serve a reminder of who you are at your core. It’s a good idea to create a vision board every year. It’s a great way to reflect on where you’ve been and where you are headed.

    *If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, digital vision boards are a thing.*



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